Founder & Head of Trading


Having obtained his Masters, with distinction in Risk and Finance from London School of Economics Oliver started his career in FX with a large international bank located in Zurich, Switzerland.

He spent 7 years learning his trade, dealing in all the worlds major currencies on a daily basis and become very well respected in the Zurich finance seen.

In 2015 Oliver joined Newmount Asset Management, a Zurich based Asset Manager to head up their FX Fund. The fund now has over 40 million GBP under management.

Oliver soon realised that most ordinary investors couldn’t enter any FX Investments Funds due to the high minimum deposit levels and the fact that the regulators classified these funds as ‘Professional’.

A few months ago, he started to put together his thoughts and Trading Places was born.

Trading Places goal is to enable ordinary investors an opportunity to invest in the FX market on a daily basis, offering detailed analysis, buying and selling opportunities together with full training courses and videos which will cater for the complete beginner up to traders with experience.

Oliver Newland says:
I have been trading in FX as a private individual on a retail account for over 10 years, long before I started working in the industry. I have found if done properly it is very lucrative and can provide a very useful income for anyone who wants to use their capital rather than to leave it decreasing in value, day by day in a low interest savings or current account.

With Trading Places I aim to facilitate a way for you all to trade prudently and profitably by issues weekly analysis, daily signals, trade guidance, risk management and breaking news from across the globe that influences currency pairs directly to our subscribers smart phones, and by releasing video and live courses where I will share our strategies for becoming consistently profitable.

Since we have opened up our telegram group from the beginning of September 2019, within four weeks by following my signals and copying our risk management techniques we have returned over 18.23%. We have added some of the messages and screen shots we have received to our Instagram story highlights for full transparency.

I am excited at the potential that Trading Places can offer ordinary investors and new traders the opportunity to involve themselves in FX Trading and to enhance their standard of living.



David Ridley’s career spanning 40 years has been spent managing finances in the construction and property industries on major projects for international clients around the globe.

He was Chairman of Faithful + Gould the largest Quantity Surveyor practice in the world at the time and a director of other International PLC companies including WS Atkins PLC and Severfield Rowen PLC.

A handful of the projects that he oversaw were; The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, The Shard, The Emirates Stadium, The London Olympic Stadium and the GSK Jurong Complex in Singapore. These are examples of his broad experience in managing large amount of capital expenditure.

David Ridley says:
“For years I have been looking to maximise my return from capital.
I have over the years hopefully invested wisely in pensions, stock markets, properties and fine Arts, however a few years ago as returns in these areas declined and stalled, I turned my attention to investment and trading in FX an area unknown to me.

It soon become apparent to me that there was no credible site or company that would help me to understand the intricacies of FX Trading. I then decided to look for someone with experience in FX who could offer could to teach me in a simple, transparent way the arts of trading FX.

With Oliver Newland we now have exactly that, and I am confident this company is going to be huge success in teaching new and experienced traders to become the best they can.

The returns from FX Trading if handled sensibly and in line with our recommend risk management are excellent. I have no doubt going forward it will become a part of everyone’s portfolio of investments and prove to be an attractive alternative to having cash in the bank and ZERO interest.