Our Values and Mission Statement

Having seen over the past year’s aspiring retail FX traders continue to lose their money through lack of understanding, poor advice, over trading and no risk management, Trading Places are passionate about being instrumental in changing this. We want to empower those who use our services to have full understanding and control of what they are doing..

The Trading Places team have built their business on the following values:


We want to ensure that our clients have access to the best training and signals in the market. We will continue to invest and reinvest in building a leading signal and education provider. This starts with the team we employ through to the technology we use.


We have seen many signal providers and educators look to make a quick return by receiving commission from brokers for introducing traders to the brokers. This means that they are incentivised to increase trading activity for those clients. Trading Places wants to ensure that we are not conflicted with our client’s performance and receives no ongoing commissions from broker partners. Instead we receive a one-off commission payment if you decide to use the broker of our choice, which of course, is completely up to you!

Your money, your control

We will never trade on your behalf, and every trade is solely taken by yourself. Our role is to ensure you have access to all the tools available to make informed decisions.